6 activities to help photograph the fun of childhood at home

Photographing children is a very demanding field, but mastering it brings great satisfaction. Childhood photography allows you to capture moments that pass forever and which children often have no chance to remember. Do you know anyone who doesn’t like to remember and watch photos from their childhood? Probably not.

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Here are 6 activities kids love and how you can use them to capture the fun of childhood!

1. Apple bobbing
2. Toilet paper mummy game
3. Hallway laser maze (using masking tape)
4.Board games (monopoly)
5. Foam bath
6. Catching M&m’s using straw

Apple Bobbing photo taken during lifestyle Photoshoot in home, Nottingham

1. Apple bobbing

It’s not just fun for Halloween. If you use a transparent bowl you can capture amazing shots. Their faces are unmistakable while playing. Simple right?

toilet paper mummy, perfect game to capture emotion, lifestyle photographer in Nottingham

2. Toilet paper mummy game.

This is another fun that we associate with Halloween. However, playing with what we have at home does not have to be seasonal. Every season is good on Toilet paper mummy game.

Camera in your hand and catch the emotions that await you. Have fun.

Laser Maze, funny games at home

3. Hallway laser maze (using masking tape)

We do lots of kid crafts at our house, but sometimes my kids need an activity that’s a little more active to help them burn off some energy and keep them from poking each other all. the. time. That’s where this DIY hallway laser maze comes in: kids get to pretend they are like the spies they see on movies, creeping through the lasers without touching any of them.
A hallway laser maze is easy to set up and will keep kids busy as they jump, crawl, and climb they way back and forth. It’s a perfect activity for a rainy day.

Monopoly game, best game for rainy days in Nottingham

4.Board games (monopoly)

Board games are one of the most popular indoor activities for kids. There are many of them that can keep the whole family entertained from a simple one like Monopoly to a more strategic one like Jenga. If your children are older Scrabble and Jenga are amazing and really fun. Just remember to find nice bright spot in the room, soft light will enhance the scene.

Lockdown activities during rainy days

5. Foam bath

There is probably no child in the world who doesn’t love playing with water. My only tip, do it in the morning or afternoon, when you have the most light, because the bathroom is usually a dark room.

straws and m&ms, game for rainy days in Nottingham

6. Catching M&m’s using straw

Suck up as many M&Ms with a straw as you can in 60 seconds.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” Albert Einstein

Imaginative play ideas are endless. Making a list of the different ways your children play pretend is a helpful first step. Then you are equipped to encourage them to play in a certain well-lit area of your house.

Have Fun